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I am writing on behalf of my grandfather who is currently fighting bladder cancer. He has had three surgeries where they scrape the cancer out and it is then followed with bcg but it has come back every time. They tested it the last time and said it is an agressive form of cancer that will for sure come back. Both doctors have told him that his only option left is to remove his bladder. I guess my main question and goal right now is to find people that have had their bladders removed and had success. I would like to know all of the pros and cons to the procedure and also insight on some support groups that he can contact or attend. Both of his doctors say that he is a perfect canidate for the procedure becuase we caught it early, he is in good health, and he still has the drive to fight for his life. They say that there is about an 80% chance that all of the cancer will be removed and is only contained in the bladder.

This is a very stressful time in my family so any insight on bladder removel procedures and bladder cancer success stories would help alot. Thanks in advance!

Jill sent you a hug.
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October 23, 2013

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Bladder Cancer


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